By Caden Cruise Ship May Leak Oil

Have you heard of the Titanic? Well this is the modern day Titanic.
The cruise ship that sank on Sunday, January 16th is starting up an environmental crisis. Rough seas hit the sunken ship on Monday. That raised fears that 500,000 gallons of fuel could dump out into the water. That could cause an oil spill just like the one in theGulf of Mexico. That would be horrible because the place where the ship sank is a sanctuary for dolphins, porpoises and whales. Whales are endangered and an oil spill could take out a lot of them in that part.
There are 11 dead and over 30 people missing and there were over 4,000 people on the boat. The Costa Concordia which is the ships name was on a trip through theMediterranean Seawhen it ran into a rock which cut a huge gash in the side of the ship much like the Titanic. The ship was taking in a lot of water trough a 50 meter hole in the side of the ship. The ship is right off the coast of the smallislandof Giglio of Tuscany,Italy. So, let’s see if an environmental crisis can be prevented.

Costa Concordia