Lead Story
This week’s lead story focuses on the topic of three men that were rescued from a cave inWest Virginia, unhurt.
The three men who went missing on Sunday were found in a cave located in West Virginia. They went cave exploring in Bone-Norman cave system, but didn’t come home when expected on Saturday morning. The three said that they learned a valuable lesson. They had no broken bones, or any diseases that were expected (like Hypothermia).
They wanted to camp in the cave system from Sunday to Saturday, but didn’t come home. Their family members got worried and called police and other authorities late Monday. Their family members got worried and called authorities late Monday night. The three told authorities a bit of advice, “Don’t underestimate the cave, and don’t overestimate your abilities”
It was surprising that the three cavers were found unhurt. Authorities thought for sure that they would have had Hypothermia, but they didn’t. They didn’t even have any broken bones. Only a couple of cuts and bruises. That was this week’s lead story.